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  • Agricultural Internet portal Agrobuy.ru - effective tool of agricultural business

    2014-11-26 10:24:41 Опубликовано: 26 ноября 2014 г. в 10:24

    Agricultural Internet portal Agrobuy.ru - effective tool of agricultural business


    In conditions of increasing competition in the agricultural market, it is important to have effective channels of promotion of domestic producers. Solving of these issues is possible through forming of a single information space based on network technologies. The most effective tool may become agrarian Internet-portal AGROBUY.RU.


    Trading system AGROBUY.RU

    Central link of resource AGROBUY.RU is an electronic trading platform, which allows to combine in a single information space of suppliers and consumers of agricultural products, resources, services, and gives participants a number of services that increase the efficiency of their business. Filling a simple form of ad, any interested user can post ad on the sale or purchase of products or services, and leasing of property, which will be immediately available to all Internet users, in Russian and English. Possibilities trading platforms available completely free and does not require registration on the portal. An important element of electronic trading platform AGROBUY.RU is the section of agricultural machinery (new and used), equipment and spare parts.

    Site Builder

    AGROBUY.RU provides the tools to create your own Internet-site for organizations of the agroindustrial complex, farmers, experts and other interested users. You must go through a quick registration. After registration the user gets a full-fledged website with self-chosen name (for example, insystec.agrobuy.ru), which is filled with relevant information. Here you can post general information about the company, catalog of products or services, price lists, pictures, video, etc. The service allows the user to configure information sections, the design and some elements of privacy. The interface is intuitive and requires no special training.

    On this platform already established and functioning sites of The Council of young scientists of the Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute (http://smu-ksai.agrobuy.ru), The Council of young scientists of Kuzbass (http://smu42.agrobuy.ru), The Kemerovo Institute of agriculture (http://kemniish.agrobuy.ru), different commercial organizations of agrarian profile and other.

    Social network

    Web page which created on AGROBUY.RU united in modern  social network (communication area)  of practitioners of agriculture, specialists, scientists and other participants of the agricultural sector. Users have access to the internal email system, instant messaging and files. User's activity on the site is reflected in tape of activity implemented like in the most popular social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki). This allows users to quickly share the most current information, news, links, training and practice materials, videos and other. Owners of sites in system AGROBUY.RU has an option that allows to establish trusted contacts with other participants for easier communication. Registered users can also add publications in total publications catalogue AGROBUY.RU (experience, opinion, blog, scientific publication, literature), which is especially useful for experts who wish to bring their expertise to a wide range of professionals in the agricultural sector. AGROBUY.RU contains a directory of businesses, search engine of firms and experts, contacts and other. News block reflects the latest developments in agro-industrial complex of Russia. And if users wish to discuss a specific topic, share opinions or experience they can use Forum.

    Language support

    An important advantage of the portal AGROBUY.RU is English language support. The trading system AGROBUY.RU uses automatic translation with support for Russian and English languages. Any placed ads in Russian is automatically available in English and Vice versa. This expands the possibilities for finding interested partners and makes this resource a universal international network resource.

    When creating web pages in the system AGROBUY.RU the user can also select the language (or create a page in two languages). All the elements of a social network is also available in Russian and English languages, which facilitates communication within the AGROBUY.RU.


    Team of portal AGROBUY.RU actively working with the search engines (Google, Yandex, etc) that significantly increases the efficiency of this resource, providing additional benefits to customers AGROBUY.RU.


    All the described services of agricultural portal AGROBUY.RU you can use free.

    Try it now!

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